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Alba International is home to the next generation of direct marketing that champions excellence and professionalism. With so much choice, consumers need to feel reassured that brands are catering to their needs. And that’s where we come in.

Working for a range of local and national clients, we offer services that increase sales, enhance brand awareness and secure leads. We understand exactly what consumers want and tailor our campaigns to suit their every need and desires.


With Sydney being one of the world’s best start-up hubs, there was no question about where we wanted to launch our business. It was always going to be Sydney.

  • The City

    This beautiful city not only boasts pristine beaches and excellent food, but is endorsed with a hard-working and motivated multicultural population.

  • The Culture

    It is home to a thriving start-up culture that has seen micro-businesses expand rapidly throughout the city.

  • Innovation

    Innovation and growth is the heart of Alba International and we strongly believe that this city will contribute to our growth and development over the next few years.

  • Networking

    In business it’s so important to catapult yourself in the surrounding culture and network with business owners who share the same vision.

Alba International strategically develops innovative direct marketing campaigns that are presented to consumers in engaging methods that are memorable.


We are Direct Marketing specialists

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Our clients always come first

What is direct marketing?

Why use direct marketing?


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Sales, Marketing, Campaigns...

We have a range of direct marketing services available that offer measurable results instantly.

Sales, Marketing, Campaigns...

Our business strategies evolve with the market, and that’s one of the key reasons why clients choose our services. Through regular feedback, data surveys and market research we are able to predict changes and adapt our services accordingly. Our services come with a policy that leaves clients with a guaranteed return on investment, meaning we will always deliver on our promises. We always go that extra mile to ensure our clients receive a high quality at a competitive cost.

Converting leads into sales

Are you looking to get more customers to buy your product or services? One of our key specialities at Alba International is our high success rate of turning leads into sales for our clients. We have a range of tried-and-tested approaches that can close the sale for almost any product or service.

Developing direct marketing campaigns

We develop dynamic direct marketing campaigns that focus on the unique selling points of your product or service. We ensure the campaign is like no other currently in the market, and is delivered in a way that really speaks to your audience. Our campaigns are strategically aligned with your goals and objectives to ensure you benefit from using our services.

Full-scale campaign management

Once we have a campaign in place, we manage every stage of the campaign to ensure it generates the best possible results for your brand. We produce detailed, yet easy to follow campaign reports outlining the success rate of your campaign.


Our clients always come first

Our services are modelled in way that leaves us, our clients and their customers happy.

Our clients always come first

Users of our services can feel rest assured that they will be getting a unique service that bridges the gap between the brand and their consumers.

We always have the client in mind

The services on offer are always tailored around the needs and requirements of the client. Alba International fully commits to providing an on-going service of quality marketing solutions to the clients’ specification.

We’re all about the details 

It is our great attention to detail that sets Alba International apart from its competitors. We create successful direct marketing campaigns that are carefully crafted, and executed in a way that receives maximum exposure, resulting in increased brand awareness.

Our services are universal, no matter what your budget

With marketing budgets getting more restricted we understand that businesses need quality campaigns for a competitive cost, and that’s what we offer. We never comprise our services on price, so no matter what your budget is, everyone receives the same quality service.


What is direct marketing?

Direct marketing is one of the fast-growing forms of marketing all over the world.

What is direct marketing?

It’s a personal form of marketing that focuses on promoting a particular product or service which prompts customers to act. This action could range from encouraging consumers to buy a product; sign up to receive more information or simply visit your website.  Direct marketing campaigns are extremely beneficial as it gives businesses the opportunity to promote their products or services directly to their target audience. Not only is it personal, it is an extremely cost-effective method, which is why so many companies have converted to using this approach.


Why use direct marketing?

Direct marketing campaigns require careful planning and a clear understanding of the practice.

Why use direct marketing?

At Alba International we strategically develop individual marketing campaigns that are aligned to our clients’ business goals and objectives. There is no ‘one model fits all’ with us, and it is our ability to personalize the campaigns that makes us so valued by our clients.

With us you’re guaranteed campaigns that offer the following:

  • Build relationships with new and existing customers
  • Test the effectiveness of the campaign in a range of markets
  • Investigate into which marketing techniques are best suited to your demographic
  • Provide customers with positive messages and content about your brand

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