Alba International Experience Tremendous Growth Spurt

Alba International Experience Tremendous Growth Spurt

Brisbane-based sales specialists Alba International have experienced phenomenal growth recently, with the firm revealing that they will be launching campaigns in four new stores.

Currently representing one of Australia’s largest telecoms companies, the second financial quarter proved to be the firm’s most successful to date. “This campaign and business structure was a massive change for us to wrap our heads around, however after a lot of hard work I feel like we have finally put the systems in place to make this a success,” commented a spokesperson for Alba International.

Alba International will be launching their services into four new stores across Brisbane. These new projects provide tremendous development opportunities for the firm’s employees. “As our store portfolio grows, the opportunity for our staff to progress grows simultaneously,” commented a company spokesperson.

At Alba International, they pride themselves on offering everyone who comes through their doors the opportunity to progress, and work their way up the company’s management-training program. Alba International is first and foremost a sales firm – however, the management team is also committed to the growth and development of their employees.

At Alba International, they look past the CV, as they believe that everyone is capable of achieving greatness as long as they are willing to do the following:

1/ Become an incredible student to their craft

2/ Work hard and be willing to go the extra mile

3/ Develop an ‘I can’ attitude.

The Brisbane-based firm offers an incredible support structure for their employees, designed to continually evaluate and develop individuals, enabling them to grow both personally and professionally. The management-training programme is specifically designed to fast track ambitious and talented employees into both mid-level and senior management roles.

The firm believes that their progression opportunities are unparalleled because they solely promote from within, and all promotions are criteria-based. Therefore, there are no office politics, and definitely no seniority.

The firm is currently looking to recruit ambitious, self-motivated and talented individuals to help take their business forward. Submit résumés to to be considered. 

Alba International is a Brisbane-based sales firm, specialising in face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns at retail stores throughout Queensland. One of the firm’s primary objectives is to expand their services nationally and internationally, and they recognise that successful goal setting and completion is key. They believe that the catalyst for their success is the incredible team they have assembled and they argue that their first class progression opportunities enable them to attract and retain top talent. 

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