Alba International highlight the benefits of face-to-face communication

Alba International highlight the benefits of face-to-face communication

Technology advances have meant that more and more consumer experiences have become digitalised and impersonal, recipe  thus direct marketing and sales firm Alba International believe that face-to-face communication remains best for building brand loyalty.

As a firm that exclusively uses face-to-face promotional marketing and sales strategies, Sydney-based customer acquisition specialists, Alba International have highlighted the benefits of face-to-face communication.


Rather than a long wait on a phone call, on-line chats to an advisor or back and forth emailing, face-to-face communication and in-person meetings can massively boost efficiency, resolving a multitude of problems all at once.

A Personal Touch

Through in-person promotions, at Alba International they provide their clients with something that is often lacking in today’s digital world, ‘the personal touch’. The value of this is something that can’t be overlooked claims Alba International. Greeting customers with a smile and a handshake can instil trust and build loyalty.

Body language

Sometimes it’s not what a person says, it is the way they communicate through body language, and face-to-face communication allows someone to read that body language, and pick up on the signs; positive or negative. In-person interactions provide the ability to gauge how interested someone is, and by reading body language it enables the person presenting to adjust their body language to match, tone of voice or excitement level to meet the needs of the customer.

In a crowded market with a multitude of marketing avenues available for companies, Alba International regard face-to-face communication as the leading form of customer communications. Recent research has suggested that consumers are becoming bored and tired of identical above the line marketing strategies. “Going back to basics to meet with people one-on-one is the key to success,” said a spokesperson for Alba International.

Alba International is a direct marketing and sales firm based in Sydney that champion’s excellence and professionalism. The firm have incredibly high customer service standards and they believe it is this that helps them to stand out in a crowded market. Through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns, Alba International are able to build relationships with customers, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and build brand loyalty. The firm argues that it is their direct and personalised approach that has been the key to their success as well as their ability to generate both quality and quantity customer acquisitions.


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