Alba International host seminar focusing on driving sales

Alba International host seminar focusing on driving sales

Brisbane-based retail sales specialists Alba International are continuously trying to exceed their client’s expectations and deliver both quality and quantity results. This week, the firm’s management team held a company-wide seminar focusing on driving sales.

“There is always room for improvement. We are never content with our position, and we are always striving to do more, and that is what separates us from our competitors,” said a company spokesperson for Alba International. 

During the two-hour seminar, the firm highlighted five key points to implement to improve sales results, which are listed below;

1.    Rethink your to-do list.

Many people swear by a to-do list, however, Alba International argue that to-do lists can cause procrastination. During the seminar, Alba International explained that to-do lists could be overwhelming. The lack of deadlines and a growing list can prove to be counter-productive. Alba International encourage people to choose a specific day to accomplish each task, write it down, and commit to it.   

2.    Set small – achievable goals.

Many salespeople make the mistake of setting huge goals which take a tremendous amount of time to achieve. Alba International believe the key is to have big goals and dreams but that small, achievable goals will take people to the finish line. “Success is the sum of achieving small daily objectives through taking small steps, over and over again,” said a company spokesperson. 

3.    Be accountable.

Alba International believe that people fail to achieve maximum productivity because they don’t hold themselves accountable. “Too many people make excuses rather than taking responsibility for their own actions,” said a company spokesperson. Alba International argue that accountability is crucial for sticking to daily objectives – and closing more sales. Accountability eliminates excuses and produces results, claims Alba International. 

4.    Find a mentor.

Alba International are advocates of mentorship, and they strongly encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals to find a mentor. “Nobody has all the answers. Success is rarely a solo effort. Having someone to turn to for advice and guidance is crucial, and we urge all of our employees to find a mentor and build a network,” said a company spokesperson. The retail sales specialists urge people to reach out and ask for help and to stop trying to figure it all out on their own!

5.    Never stop learning.

Alba International, are passionate about education, and they believe that committing to self-development is the most organic way to achieve exceptional results. The firm argues that constantly looking for ways to learn, grow and develop will help people to reach their full potential.  At Alba International, they frequently host workshops and seminars to help their employees expand their knowledge and skill-sets and progress their career. 

Alba International is a Brisbane-based retail sales firm. Through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns at retail stores, Alba International is committed to being the best and boosting sales is a key focus at the firm.   


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