Alba International review the 5 E’s of successful leadership

Alba International review the 5 E’s of successful leadership

At direct marketing and sales firm, cheapest Alba International, see leadership is a focal point, as they continuously strive to develop, innovate and stay ahead of the competition. Here, the Parramatta-based firm has reviewed the 5 E’s of successful leadership.

Alba International believes that leadership is one of the most critical skills for personal and professional success. The firm helps their contractors to develop their leadership skills through frequent seminars and tutorials and recently they held a seminar, reviewing the 5 E’s of successful leadership.


If a leader lacks energy, then it’s practically impossible for them to energise others claims Alba International. The leaders that have an abundance of the energy “E” jump out of bed in the morning and are ready to face challenges head on, and inspire others to do the same. Energy is infectious!


The best leaders are rule breakers, and they go against the grain claims Alba International. The individuals that possess that edge recognise which rules should be adhered to, which rules to bend, and those to break. Leaders with an edge can make tough decisions. Good decision-makers are invaluable in business.


Great leaders have the ability to inspire and excite people to work towards a common goal. They articulate a vision, which galvanises people, sparking them to perform.


At Alba International, they argue that empowering leaders are precious. The best leaders understand that great results come from great teams, not the just the actions of the leader. At Alba International they encourage leaders to empower their teams, giving them autonomy. They encourage their teams to take risks and not to criticise failure as they promote failure as a necessary part of success.


Alba International considers encouragement to be a low-cost tool which has a high-value return. People need to be encouraged, and everyone responds to praise and recognition. The firm spurs regular performance appraisals to allow them to identify strengths and weaknesses and to give constructive criticism to help people to learn, grow and develop.

Alba International is a direct marketing and sales firm based in Parramatta, Sydney. Through face-to-face promotional marketing and sales campaigns, Alba International can build relationships with customers, handle queries, instil consumer confidence and build brand loyalty. Alba International frequently attend leadership events and offer regular leadership tutorials and seminars to help their contractors develop their leadership skills.


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