Alba International Say Passion, Drive & Determination are needed for Success

Alba International Say Passion, Drive & Determination are needed for Success

Alba International believes that in order to be a successful entrepreneur a person needs to be passionate about what they are pursuing/trying to create, but they also have to have drive and determination. Entrepreneurship is a challenging profession and it isn’t always plain sailing, points out Alba International. An entrepreneur must be able to motivate themselves to overcome these challenges and continue on the path to success.


Alba International has revealed their 7 major do’s and don’ts of entrepreneurship:


DO trust your gut.

Don’t wait until you’re 80 and filled with regret. Be the person you “could have been” now.


DO keep your resolve.

Many entrepreneurs fail not because of their idea, their skill or the market, but because they give up when the summit is within reach, believe Alba International.


DON’T forget why.

Business will change you, points out Alba International. Don’t forget who you are right now. Don’t forget who you were the day you decided to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster.


DO seek your greatness.

“You have been given incredible gifts. You are capable of awe-inspiring achievement and significant contribution to the people and world around you. You have a responsibility to use the potential you’ve been given, to apply it and grow it,” believes Alba International.


DON’T want what you don’t want.

It’s easy to fall under the spell of someone else’s dream or be seduced by scorekeeping of other people’s goals. Don’t. “Follow your own path, not someone else’s,” points out Alba International. Don’t let fear, envy or social pressure cloud your vision.


DON’T miss the point.

Bigger is only better if it makes the smile on your face wider and brighter, and fills the journey with joy, says Alba International. Live today as you want to be remembered in the end.


DO the right thing.

When faced with the choices that are the hardest to make – when your dreams, ambition and drive are begging you to do one thing, while your conscience is telling you to do another – remember that the only way you’ll have an enduring smile is if you uphold your values, says the firm.



Alba International are supporters of entrepreneurship. They coach and develop individuals to become successful businessmen and women through their in-house comprehensive training program. The program is designed to prepare aspiring entrepreneurs with the skills they need to overcome business challenges. Not only this but the program gives candidates the opportunity to earn whilst they learn, by giving them experience in sales, leadership and business management positions. The aspiring entrepreneurs develop their skill sets in the following areas: sales, leadership, financing, interviewing, public speaking and much more.

Alba International strategically develops innovative direct marketing campaigns that are presented to consumers in engaging methods that are memorable.


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